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In the Media: Interiors Go Back to Nature

I was recently featured in the Dominion Post and on Stuff as I was able to share my expertise on why it’s important to design with sustainability in mind. Designing with recycled materials, natural finishes, timber and handcrafted items, is important to me. I recently returned from a trip to my home country of Sri […]

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Featured in Stuff.. Sustainability is Not Just a Buzzword

I WAS INTERVIEWED FOR AN ARTICLE ON THIS SUBJECT RECENTLY. SEE THIS LINK When I travel I am always on the hunt for beautiful objects that I feel would enhance an interior space. Being Sri Lankan born I have always wanted to support the local artisans so was very excited to be starting on this […]

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Bach in the Marlborough Sounds

This 1960s Kiwi Bach, a refurbishment for a family of four, had limited space. I met the brief with custom design and manufactured furniture made specifically to meet the needs of the client. The bespoke dining table also serves as an extra kitchen surface with cabinets below. The cabinets are on castors so they can […]

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Queens Wharf Living

This apartment for my client, who has lived in Europe and Asia, features interesting objet d’art. Particularly the Murano glass candle-holders and table lamps. I enhanced these pieces by using Antonio Citterio’s Glossy table, and Louis Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck. The Asian influence is also apparent with other pieces of furniture in the apartment. […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: The Modern Nomad

The need for flexibility in our lives. The primary feature of this trend is to be “in the now”. Being adaptable. Urban environments are constantly changing. Things are less static. Trends forecasters have been exploring the nomadic qualities of playing with the concepts of “mobile “and “static”. This is another trend that we will see coming through in the […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: Fantastical Nature

The sequels to James Cameron’s movie Avatar, the first of which is due out December 2017, has inspired this Design Trend. Once again, strong colours. Indigo, lagoon blues, lush greens and the colours of plumage. Tie Dye – the art of Japanese Shibori. The art of binding, folding, twisting and stitching fabrics before dyeing – resulting in gradient […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: Bello Rio

The 2016 Rio Olympics is the first trend I wanted to touch on. Celebrations and Transformations. The first games in a South American country. Brazil, the city of the Samba, the Carnivale. A city of Urban Regeneration and the wonderful Amazonian rainforest. Very soon everything about Brazil is going to be very cool. Its art, design, culture, music, fashion…the […]

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