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9 interior design tricks to create more space

This article was originally published by Homed at Stuff.co.nz With the cost of housing at an all time high, many people are scaling back their living requirements and opting for smaller housing solutions – like apartments, studios, prefabs or even converted containers. Small living spaces can be functional, fun and fabulous – all that is […]

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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Greenery Pantone has just named “Greenery” as its colour of the year.  Green, in its various shades, is a favourite colour of mine and it works so well with some of the organic textures that are being used in design schemes. Green embodies freshness, growth and nature. Understated Elegance  I have an appreciation of authenticity […]

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Featured in Stuff.. Sustainability is Not Just a Buzzword

I WAS INTERVIEWED FOR AN ARTICLE ON THIS SUBJECT RECENTLY. SEE THIS LINK When I travel I am always on the hunt for beautiful objects that I feel would enhance an interior space. Being Sri Lankan born I have always wanted to support the local artisans so was very excited to be starting on this […]

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