Does your home need a refresh?

Considering that we have all been housebound for the past few weeks, perhaps it has been a good time to think about your most special living place, your home. 

Does your home need a fresh new colour scheme inside and out?

Is the flooring looking tired?  Is it time to change the carpet and maybe look at some new tiles or vinyls?

How about your furniture?  Do you need to replace some pieces with something a bit more up to date or could you re-cover some of your favourite pieces?

What are your window treatments looking like?  Is it time for new fresh curtains in some of the rooms or perhaps some roller or timber blinds for a slightly different look?

Kitchens and bathrooms are always rooms that we put off addressing because they are quite a large undertaking.  Some new bathroom tiles, a new shower unit or a bath perhaps?

With your kitchen, you could start with how efficiently your pantry works for you.  Have you got enough storage cupboards and drawers?  Does the kitchen bench need replacing and are those kitchen taps working well?

Lighting, could you do with more lighting in some areas of your home?  Occasional lighting like floor and table lamps are always useful for giving you immediate and ambient lighting.

Accessories, it’s amazing how a few new cushions, some rugs, wall art and ornaments could make a world of difference to the ambience in a room.

I recommend that if any of the above are areas that you have been thinking about for a while, make an organisational list.  List the top priorities of things you would like to achieve in your home.

I am always available for a chat on the phone, or via email. I believe that very soon I will be able to visit clients again and to that end would be very happy to pencil in a consultation for the near future.  Do get in touch.  I would love to hear from you.

Stay safe and keep well.