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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Greenery Pantone has just named “Greenery” as its colour of the year.  Green, in its various shades, is a favourite colour of mine and it works so well with some of the organic textures that are being used in design schemes. Green embodies freshness, growth and nature. Understated Elegance  I have an appreciation of authenticity […]

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Wendy Bradford Interior Design

In the Media: Interiors Go Back to Nature

I was recently featured in the Dominion Post and on Stuff as I was able to share my expertise on why it’s important to design with sustainability in mind. Designing with recycled materials, natural finishes, timber and handcrafted items, is important to me. I recently returned from a trip to my home country of Sri […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: Nature Luxe

Nature Luxe. The look of luxury tempered by nature. And nature intensified by luxury. With this trend we discover a relationship with nature that is combined with luxury. The combining of textures and metallic, earthiness and glamour, craft and couture, rawness and refinement, comfort and beauty. The Nature Luxe trend looks for luxurious qualities made with ethical products. The look […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: Privacy – the New Luxury

This trend stems from the desire for privacy in our lives. The taking back control of what we have shared in the past. The need for concealment, cocooning. In this fast-paced life, where technology and social media have made our lives so visible and open to discussion, there will emerge a need for social solitude and a requirement for […]

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Interior Design Trends for 2016: The Modern Nomad

The need for flexibility in our lives. The primary feature of this trend is to be “in the now”. Being adaptable. Urban environments are constantly changing. Things are less static. Trends forecasters have been exploring the nomadic qualities of playing with the concepts of “mobile “and “static”. This is another trend that we will see coming through in the […]

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