Drab to fab, Wellington Harbour View Renovation

Are you considering renovating, but don’t know where (or how) to start?

Renovating can be time consuming, stressful and costly. Using an experienced interior designer to manage your renovation can free up your time, eliminate undue stress, and keep your budget on track.

At Wendy Bradford Interior Design, I work with a team of trusted experts, managing the entire renovation process from start to finish. This means I can bring your ideas to life, without the hassle.

This original 1960’s brick home was completely renovated by my clients 20 years ago. Located in a pristine position, overlooking the Wellington Harbour, it has the most spectacular views and all day sun.

Kitchen before the renovation.
Kitchen before the renovation.


Kitchen after the renovation.
Kitchen after the renovation.

The house is 1.5 storeys with 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hallways, a large kitchen, dining room and family room.


The interiors were looking tired and worn, so I worked with them in developing a refurbishment programme to rejuvenate their home and breathe a new lease of life throughout.


We began with the biggest task – remodelling the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Working with my team of specialists, we created a fabulous new kitchen, spatially planned to suit their needs, with plenty of storage and functionality.


The bathroom was also remodelled to accommodate a full-sized bath, separate shower, new vanity and hand basin.


I then implemented the colour scheme, utilising new fabrics, hard flooring/carpets and window treatments.


The project took several months to complete and was a totally collaborative process with my clients. Happy clients, happy designer.

Are you considering renovating your property? Drop me a quick email or call me on 021711002 – I would love to hear from you and chat about bringing your ideas to life.