Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017


green1Pantone has just named “Greenery” as its colour of the year.  Green, in its various shades, is a favourite colour of mine and it works so well with some of the organic textures that are being used in design schemes. Green embodies freshness, growth and nature.

Understated Elegance 2

I have an appreciation of authenticity and elegance that is understated.  This relates to creating living spaces that are not only individual but also personal and beautiful to its owner.  An environment that exudes warmth and joy to live in.



Wallpaper has undergone a huge resurgence for a few years now. With new and emerging technologies, the designs are getting bolder and better.  Wallpaper makes a wonderful statement.  It individualises a space, covers up any irregularities in a wall and brings excitement and glamour to a room.  I see it being a big feature in 2017.

Contrasting Elements


I have always enjoyed layering contrasting elements in a design scheme.  In 2017 we will see many global influences, giving us an eclectic style.  A mix of modern, ethnic and traditional.



Tactile Interiors.  Handmade, artisanal and textural living spaces that are multi-functional.  Where families can gather to entertain, eat or work.  Interiors with integrity, giving us a feeling of comfort and security in a world that is changing.

Written by Wendy Bradford, Interior Designer



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