In the Media: Interiors Go Back to Nature

I was recently featured in the Dominion Post and on Stuff as I was able to share my expertise on why it’s important to design with sustainability in mind.

Designing with recycled materials, natural finishes, timber and handcrafted items, is important to me. I recently returned from a trip to my home country of Sri Lanka, where I purchased unique, hand-crafted items to bring back for my clients in New Zealand. These artisan homewares include throws, cushions, bags and homewares made from coconut, various metals and glass. I’m excited to share these new products with you in the coming weeks.

Sri Lanka is a country that was at war for more than 20 years, and now new industries are springing up, and there is so much talent. I love being able to help encourage these artists to keep these heritage crafts alive.

Wendy Bradford Interior Design

In this fast-paced life, where technology and social media have made our lives so visible and open to discussion, there’s a need for social solitude and a feeling of wellbeing and discretion. The home needs to be a place of solace and privacy, away from all the outside hustle and bustle – our domestic refuge.

Wendy Bradford Interior Design

To do this I prefer to use warm, earth tones, off-whites and neutrals, and an increasing use of tactile materials and timber accents. I upscale the natural look with a little luxe while ensuring I use ethical products. The key is to combine textures – balance the earthiness with a little glamour, craft with couture, rawness with refinement. For example, skins, hides and crafted natural timbers might be teamed with metallic finishes.

If we create a home where we can connect back to nature while also creating a sustainable future, we can make the world a better place.

If you are interested in my collection of artisan homewares from Sri Lanka, be sure to follow me on Facebook or send me a message to check out these fantastic items!

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