L’Arte Libertà – Art Nouveau in Milan

After Torino, Milan is considered the most representative of L’Arte Libertà – The Liberty (Art Nouveau) style in Italy.  Art Nouveau flourished in Milan in the decades spanning the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century.  Beautiful buildings were constructed with the help of new technologies and building materials such as iron, glass and reinforced concrete.

Spectacular-window-grilles[dc]T[/dc]he Art Nouveau style in Milan is very ornamental and architectural.  Many buildings in the city display these characteristics, carvings and moldings with floral and plant motifs.  Doors, using abstract floral woodwork, stained glass, fine iron and glasswork. The curves of Art Nouveau showing the severity in construction.

In Milan, many of the buildings of the time are now private dwellings or offices, so they can only be admired from the outside.

Sommaruga Giuseppe (1867-1970) was the most well known Art Nouveau architect of Milan.  His first important work is the PalazzoStunning-Art-Nouveau-light
Castiglioni in the Corso Venezia 47, built between 1901 – 1904, with its intricate metal work.  Another being the Casa Galimberti on via Malpighi.

I want to share with you a few images of the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings I saw on my recent visit to Milan.  I took the time to visit as many of Art Nouveau areas in the city’s historic centre and the area between Corso Venezia and Corso Monforte that I could.

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