Interior Design Trends for 2016: Nature Luxe

Nature Luxe. The look of luxury tempered by nature. And nature intensified by luxury.

With this trend we discover a relationship with nature that is combined with luxury. The combining of textures and metallic, earthiness and glamour, craft and couture, rawness and refinement, comfort and beauty.

The Nature Luxe trend looks for luxurious qualities made with ethical products.

The look represents softness, glamour, and raw elements.

Creating modern handcrafted looks using shimmers, shines and deep embellishments. We will see the use of tactile products like skins, hides and metallics. For instance crafted natural timbers combined with the glamour and luxury of a metallic finish.

We see the emergence of brass, bronze, and copper. This is also showing in floor and wall tiles. The use of Carrara marble and Travertine will once again be on trend, used also in pieces of furniture.

The key colours in Nature Luxe are creams, pastels, taupes and warm greys. Blush is showing strongly as a stand out colour combined with chalky textures. Leather and black and white are showing up in this trend.

Photo taken by W. Bradford at Design and DĂ©cor, Melbourne 2015.

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