Interior Design Trends for 2016: Fantastical Nature

The sequels to James Cameron’s movie Avatar, the first of which is due out December 2017, has inspired this Design Trend.

Once again, strong colours. Indigo, lagoon blues, lush greens and the colours of plumage. Tie Dye – the art of Japanese Shibori. The art of binding, folding, twisting and stitching fabrics before dyeing – resulting in gradient stripes.


The signature of this trend is “Floating Nature”. The graduations and washes of colours of indigo, blue, green. We will see a re-surgence of gradient ombre with shading and variegation of colour in its softest, gentlest form. Reminiscent of the influences from the sea and the forest, feathers, plumage and opalescence.

Trend forecasters are talking “Biophilic Design” – our basic human desire to connect with nature!

Wendy Bradford Interior Design - Design Trends for 2016/17

What interior design trends are you forecasting for 2016? I would love to hear from you – please leave your comments below!

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