Interior Design Trends for 2016: Bello Rio

The 2016 Rio Olympics is the first trend I wanted to touch on. Celebrations and Transformations. The first games in a South American country. Brazil, the city of the Samba, the Carnivale. A city of Urban Regeneration and the wonderful Amazonian rainforest.

Very soon everything about Brazil is going to be very cool. Its art, design, culture, music, fashion…the list goes on.

So, what can we expect to see?

Vibrant and layered up patterns, colours and textures.
Strong colours of the world.
Multiple colours all layered together – red, burnt orange, mustard, blue, purple, violet and magenta.
Collaged wallpapers.

For example, British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson, is now collaborating with fabric and wallpaper company, Osborne & Little, designing a range of their fabrics and wallpapers. Matthew Williamson is internationally renowned for his signature aesthetic.

Matthew’s designs both in fabrics and wallpaper for the house of Osborne & Little totally reflect Belo Brazil 2016.

We will also see the resurgence on repurposed furniture and accessories. This look is intentionally designed to look imperfect and works so well with the vibrant colours and frenetic pace of Rio.

Adding to this picture is the influence of the rainforest. The lushness of the flora and fauna. We will see the use of birds in artwork, accessories and ornaments.

What design trends are you noticing for 2016? Have you been inspired by the Rio Olympics? I would love to hear from you – please left your comments below. 

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