Wendy’s Interior Design Philosophy

Fundamental to the success of good interior design is the attention given to the project in its entirety. Taking the design process through in a cohesive well planned way, paying total attention to all the aspects, from spatial planning to the final details – colours, furnishings, lighting etc.

Arrangement, Table, ChairI believe that the role of a good interior designer is to represent a living space for its designated purpose. That role should include being able to interpret architects plans or working independently, combined with the needs of the client to ultimately create a living space that reflects and enhances the lifestyle of its occupants. If the project is undertaken after construction, to be able to guide a client through from concept to completion, selecting materials, colours, textures that reflect their lifestyle in a functional and tasteful way.

I take a holistic approach to design, creating a unique environment as opposed to a prescribed look, providing a balance that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as serving the purpose of its intended function. Be it one room or an entire house, designing your living space should be a dynamic, fun and exciting process. Good interior design is about people and how they choose to live. Timeless quality, not trendy or stylistic. No matter what the assignment is, my greatest concern is that you are not only delighted with the end result but that you enjoy the process and consider what I can do for you as the best investment you have made.

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